12.00-sista bordsbeställning 19.00
Fre & Lör
12.00-sista bordsbeställning 18.00

Tänk på att förboka. Har vi inga bokningar för kvällen så stänger vi tidigare än 18.00

För bordsbokning; 042- 34 61 00



Art in Arild

Local Artists open up their studios during easter and we serve great food and welcome the spring. Book a table!
+46 42 34 61 00

Sunday dinner

Welcome to join us on sundays and a two course dinner 265,- 12.00-18.00. For more information please call: +46 (0) 42-34 61 00




I have worked as a chef in restaurants in Skåne, Copenhagen, Paris and Uzčs. During my early days I was inspired and guided by chefs who had a genuine love for the craft. Since 2004 me and my family run Strand Hotell and that has enabled me to form my own kitchen.


At Strand Hotell we cook our food with great care, protect our craft and use only the best qualities of raw products.  We use local produce and organic products as often as possible, otherwise our products are marked with origin.



Our menus are based on the best accessible products that the season offers. Early spring produce, the multitude of summer herbs, the delights of the forest in autumn and the winter herbs and roots. We get our inspiration from both the southern Swedish tradition and the simplicity of the Mediterranean.


The view from our restaurant is beautiful with the glassed verandas facing Arild village, Skälderviken and Bjärehalvön. Equally appealing is our dining hall where the space and the tile stove leaves a great impression and a glimpse of the sea. In our lounge with the fire place you can have a pre dinner drink, or just stop and have a glass after a long walk on Kullaberg.


We want our guests to enjoy everything we have to offer when it comes to great food and drinks in a familiar environment.


A Warm Welcome!

Björn Palmgren and Staff

Restaurant opening hours during autumn:


Monday-Thursday 12.00-19.00

Friday-Saturday 12.00-21.00

Sunday 12.00-18.00


For booking and enquires you are very welcome to contact us
+46 42 34 61 00