Special Occasion menus

Special Occasion Menu/Spring and Summer


"Skagen" hand peeled shrimps with mayonnaise, dill, lemon and Skälderviken lumpfish roe on rye bread


Soup of asparagus from Smedstorp with sugersalted char, salad of asparagus tips and dill with lemon jam and crûtes


Nettle soup with lightly smoked lumpfish from Skälderviken with roe and poached egg yolk, browned sour cream and ryebread crisp


Cold cut breast of duck, pickled early spring produce, fried capers, tarragon & mustard dressing with lettuce and thin bread


Roast of Lamb with marinated tomatoes from Viken, salad sprout from Bjäre, black olives and parmesan crčme with wild herbs and roasted baguette


Main courses

Grilled calf file with black pepper glazed carrots, potato and cheese crčme with parsley and charlottes juice


Variation of Southern Swedish Lamb and baked tomatoes from Viken, compote of aubergine, new potatoes and fine herbs with mild garlic lamb juice


Rooster from Genarp with sage fried yellow beetroots and chanterelles, potato pancake with browned whipped mustard and vinegar butter and sage broth


Grilled halibut with green asparagus, spinach and grilled langoustine, delicate Västerbotten cheese and new potatoes in a dill juice


Grilled turbot with broad beans and artichokes in a lemon broth with horseradish and tarragon potatoes



Milk chokolate pannacotta with strawberries in vanilla syrup


White chocolate mousse with preserved rhubarb and pistachio brittle


Caramel brûlée with red berries and sorbet



Special Occasion Menu/Autumn and Winter



Root of parsley soup and raw marinated scallop and lobster, lettuce and lemon marmelade


Sugar salted cod with aubergin compote, oyster- & horseradish vinaigrette and dill crisps


Duck liver patty, pissaladičre with butter bromned onions and chanterelles with apple pure


Main courses

Halibut with bromned small artichokes and carrots, gnocci, fried capers and butter sauce med from last year nettles


Poached turbot with ragout of broad beans, Jerusalem artichoke and truffle from France and compote of almond potatoes and chives


Variation of Deer from Trolle Ljungby, thyme roasted pumpkin with baked fig and chestnut juice with almond potatoes and chives


Grilled filet of beef from Friskatorpet, bromned salsify and chanterelles with parsley butter, rösti and vinegar pork



Chocolate cake with caramel pear and whipped cream


Apple tarte tatin with vanilla crčme


Banana in passion fruit with golden syrup biscuit and vanilla ice cream